Free Standard Delivery

We offer free standard delivery for structures within 30 miles of our Bristol, TN sales lot. Deliveries outside this area are charged a nominal rate per mile. Contact us if you have any questions about delivering to your location.

Clearance for Delivery

To deliver your new structure, we will need an unobstructed path to the final location. Make sure it is clear of tree limbs and other obstacles. We will need clearance of at least 15’ vertically, and 2’ wider than the structure.

Preparing for Your Structure

Your new storage structure requires a firm foundation to support the structure. There are three options for foundations: cinder block piers, gravel pad, or concrete pad. Below you will find details on each.

Cinder Block Piers

A popular and affordable option for your structure’s foundation is to set up the building on cinder block piers. They require no site prep and can be placed anywhere on your property with a mostly flat grade. Cinder blocks will be provided by the installer and cost $4 per block. Not recommended for buildings 14'-16' wide.

Gravel Pad

A gravel pad provides your structure with a solid, visually appealing foundation that efficiently drains water. It needs to be sufficiently packed and completely level to avoid potential issues. Recommended for buildings 14’-16’ wide.

Concrete Pad

A premium and rock-solid base, a concrete pad requires more initial investment but provides stability for heavy loads. We recommend the pad be the same size as the footprint of your building. If larger than your building, make sure aprons are sloped away from the building for water drainage. Recommended for buildings 14'-16’ wide.